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We've been hard at work to provide more information in a more organized way over the last couple of months. This week we finally get to share it with you. We're proud to show you our new main content landing page, which lists the content people ask about the most; topical pages that give context and resources for different areas of Drupal; and guides to walk you through a particular set of learning materials in pursuit of learning a Drupal skill set. This new page organizes the content that you are looking for in a way that lets you dive straight in to learning without having to hunt and peck through the complete library.


Our guides walk you through a broad area of Drupal knowledge and skills. We give context for the subject as well as an understanding of what you will need to learn to tackle it. We then dive into the learning with an outline of the skills to learn, in a logical order. This allows us to pull together many learning resources from different places and topics to give a well-rounded guide to the subject, all in one place.

We currently have 3 guides:

Image of the 3 new guides from the landing page

We also have 2 brand new guides coming in the next couple of weeks: Learn Drupal 8 and Introduction to Drupal.

You may notice that the new guides we have on the site are an updated version of what we previously called pathways. We've also done away with the old form of guides on the site and either merged them into the new, updated guides, or created topical landing pages that cover the same material. You can look forward to more new guides in the future, particularly for the skill sets that we use as categories on the site, like site administration, backend and infrastructure, and strategy and management.


Topic pages are a new concept we're introducing where we give a brief explanation of a particular topic, like Managing Configuration or Plugins, and then provide a list of the best learning resources we have, both from Drupalize.Me and free resources created by the community.

Image of some of the topics listed on the landing page

On the guides page, we have these topics grouped together under the main skill set categories. Here you can browse a category, see the most relevant topics, and perhaps even find a topic you didn't know you should know. We intend that these pages become a solid, up-to-date resource for the community when trying to wade through the internet to get a handle on the basics of a Drupal topic. We welcome feedback and new suggestions for resources so we can ensure they stay accurate and up-to-date for the whole community.

We hope that this makes it easier to locate the content you're looking for as you learn. You can still access the original library listing of the content on our site in reverse chronological order. You can use the 'Browse all tutorials' link at the bottom of the new Guides page to find that listing any time you need it.

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