Full Set of Acquia Certification Exam Guides

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In the past, we have maintained a couple of guides to help folks who are preparing for their Acquia Certification Exams. We are pleased to say that we have updated and added to the guides so that we now have a complete set of exam guides for Drupal 8 and 7. When you go to our Guides page on the site you will see a new Prepare for Acquia Exams guide listed. That meta-guide then lists guides for all 4 of the certification exams, along with some answers to frequently asked questions.

We provide study guides for the Acquia Site Builder, Developer, Front-end Specialist, and Back-end Specialist exams. Each guide provides you with a list of the sections of the Acquia exams, with Drupalize.Me tutorials to match for each. We also include a lot of our new topic pages, which identify not only Drupalize.Me materials you can use to learn, but also curated lists of the best free resources we've found for each topic.

We hope these guides help you on your Drupal journey, whether or not you choose to take the exams.

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