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Drupal 9

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The Acquia Certified Drupal 9 Site Builder exam is part of Acquia's Drupal certification program. The exam consists of 50 scenario-based questions that show your knowledge of site building topics including content and user management, content modeling, site display, community and contributed projects, module and theme management, and general site security and performance. We've gathered together a concise list of the Drupalize.Me tutorials, and other resources, that will help you prepare for Acquia's Certified Drupal 9 Site Builder exam.

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To understand key concepts and tasks in Drupal site building and administration, you should go through the Drupal User Guide and build the Anytown Farmers Market site which is used as the example throughout the guide. You can then use the example site as a practice for adding and configuring additional modules, blocks, views, menus and more for practice.

Drupal 9

1. Understanding Drupal

1.1. Demonstrate the ability to explain the distinct and differentiating features of Drupal and understanding of Drupal Terminology

See also the following community resources on

1.2 Given an example of a page layout, determine what is content versus a block


1.3 Demonstrate an ability to troubleshoot problems related to content, configuration and maintenance

2. Content modeling

2.1. Demonstrate ability to model content using content types and vocabularies

2.2. Demonstrate ability to configure and manage comment types and comments

2.3 Demonstrate ability to configure and manage block types and blocks

2.4 Demonstrate ability to configure and manage contact forms

(See the external resources at the bottom of this topic page.)

2.5 Demonstrate ability to configure and use multilingual content and interface

2.6 Demonstrate ability to configure and manage menus, menu items and menu blocks


2.7 Demonstrate the ability to configure and use Rich media in content using Media module

3. Site display

3.1 Demonstrate the ability to control the display of content across various regions of the site using the block system

3.2 Demonstrate the ability to provide different presentations of content entities (like nodes, comments, user profiles, terms, etc.) for editing or viewing


3.3 Demonstrate the ability to to create, manage and display lists of content using Drupal views

3.4 Demonstrate the ability to build layouts of content using Layout Builder

4. Site configuration

4.1 Demonstrate the ability to use the various options related to site configuration like account settings, content authoring, development, search, site and system settings, media

4.2 Demonstrate the ability to use the configuration and synchronization options to import, export, compare configuration across environments

4.3 Given a scenario, demonstrate the ability to configure user accounts

5. Contributed module and theme management

5.1 Demonstrate the ability to add, update, and remove contributed modules

5.2 Demonstrate the ability to add, update, and remove contributed themes

5.3 Identify ways of community participation and reporting issues



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