Drupalize.Me Goes to Washington

What did the region say to the content? I’ve been around the block.

This is just one of my terrible jokes you might hear if you attend our Drupal 8 Theming workshop at GovCon.

What I love about co-leading this workshop with my colleague Amber Matz is the opportunity to spend the day interacting with Drupal learners. Amber and I are 2 of 7 people that make up Osio Labs, the company behind Drupalize.Me. Between us, we have 12 years experience writing and producing Drupal tutorials and learning paths. We just launched a new training site called Hey Node, which we hope to grow into another top training site — this time for intermediate and advanced Node.js learners.

While I enjoy creating online tutorials, I truly cherish the opportunity to run in-person workshops. As an instructor, there’s simply no substitute for interactive learning through hands-on exercises. It means we get instant feedback on whether what we’re teaching and what people are learning sync up. Have we properly explained how to use the Twig template language to manipulate HTML? Or do those furrowed brows in the audience mean everyone’s ready for lunch? No need to wonder. If people don’t understand, hands shoot up and we need to find a better way to explain things.

The feedback we get, both direct and indirect, from in-person workshops like this one help us help Drupal. We translate it into better learning materials on Drupalize.Me, updated documentation on Drupal.org, and even update Drupal core to help make it easier for the next person to learn.

Our all-day workshop will take place on July 23rd, the Tuesday before GovCon kicks off. That means that by the time conference sessions are in full swing, attendees will already have a whole lot of new theming vocabulary under their belts. Our goal is to teach enough about Drupal 8 theming that attendees have the terminology and basic concepts needed to continue learning on their own. It’s a whole day of foundation-laying — and more bad Drupal jokes — that can be used as a strong starting point for continued learning outside of class. We also give away an access code for a month of free membership to Drupalize.Me. There, learners can take their theming journey to a whole new level.

So check out the course description and if you’re headed into the Beltway for GovCon and want to learn some awesome Drupal 8 theming, sign up quickly. Spaces fill up fast!


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