Free Halloween Icon Set

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it might be fun to hand out some tasty treats. Don't worry, you're not getting fruit or pennies. It's something much more fun! I designed a custom Halloween icon set, which is free to download and use however you want. With Drupalize.Me's scary good Drupal training, it's fitting that these icons can spook, sweeten, or surprise your next project.

Free Halloween Icon Set

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Absolutely free! Plus, the Illustrator file is provided, so you are free to make modifications. These are licensed under the GNU General Public License. This license means that you are granted full rights to modify the icons however you feel. However, if you use these icons or the source files as the base for your own new icons or iconset, you also must make your modified source files available upon request. I would love to see how you've used these in your projects.


Hi, Justin, really great article! Maybe you could help me?=) I used this line of the code "-o-transform: scale(1);" to scale my icons in Opera properly, however it didn't help me. Maybe it is because of specifically these icons, that I am using. (Link removed)
Is it possible that something is wrong with them? What do you think? And thank you for sharing such awesome icon sets.

Hi Jack5,

I'm glad you like Justin's icon sets. Regarding your CSS question, it's a bit vaguely worded to really understand what you're trying to do. This page on CSS Tricks on the transform property might help you. There are also some good references at the bottom of that page that you might want to check out as well. Good luck.

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