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One of our favorite things to do at Drupal community events is in-person training. There's just something special—and motivating—about getting to teach people face-to-face rather than from the other side of a computer screen. In 2017 we developed and offered a Theming Drupal 8 workshop at DrupalCon, Twin-Cities DrupalCamp, MidCamp, and BADCamp. It was super popular and filled up every time we did it. So this year we're considering developing another workshop that we can offer at events we're fortunate enough to be able to attend. But we're torn on what to cover! What are you most interested in learning?

Our current top contenders are:

  • Creating Modern Web Services APIs with Drupal: Building on our Web Services in Drupal 8 series, we would teach you how to use Drupal as the backend for your API; popular modules and how to configure them; and best practices for important topics regarding the architecture of your API, like presentation versus content, security, and documentation. In addition, we would look at how consumers can interact with the API that we build. We won’t have time to get into any specific frameworks, but would instead demonstrate how any HTTP client could retrieve information from Drupal, leaving the specific implementation up to you. This would be a great first step for anyone wanting to get started with decoupled Drupal.
  • JavaScript for Drupal Developers: This workshop would build on the JavaScript portions of our Drupal 8 Theming Guide, and integrate additional content from experts in the community regarding current developments in the Drupal+JavaScript ecosystem. The intent would be to teach people who are already familiar with JavaScript basics about the various ways in which JavaScript can be used with Drupal themes and modules. We'd cover Drupal's existing JavaScript API, using ES6 with Drupal, and integrating modern JavaScript toolchains and frameworks like React into an existing Drupal module or theme. This would be a great first step for developers who want to level up their JavaScript game, as well as help prepare for the eventual inclusion of more and more JavaScript in Drupal.

Both of the workshops would follow the same pattern as the Theming Drupal 8 workshop we've been doing for the last year. They would include a combination of short lectures, hands on exercises, and discussion time to help keep attendees engaged and maximize the amount of knowledge we can share in a single class.

As much as we wish we had the time and resources to run all, it's not realistic. So if you were to participate in a Drupal community event in 2018 and could choose between attending these workshops, which would you choose? Cast your vote in the poll below!

Thank you for casting your votes! The poll is now closed.

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