Learn How to Implement a Plugin of Any Type in Drupal (Now with Video)

Drupalize.Me trainer Joe Shindelar has recorded a new video walk-through of how he goes about finding out what type of plugin you want to add, and how to find out what code is expected, and where to put that code in your module. The video is now embedded in the written version of the tutorial, Implement a Plugin of Any Type, available to our members.

What are plugins?

Plugins are used to solve the problem where you need to allow one or more modules to provide additional "things" that implement the same interface but provide distinct functionality. The Drupal Plugin API allows a module to provide functionality in an extensible, object-oriented way. Blocks and Field Formatters are two examples of plugins that you've probably heard of. But there are many more.

Plugins are grouped into plugin types which are managed by a plugin manager service. As a module developer, knowing how to implement an existing plugin type should be considered required knowledge.

Many frameworks (like WordPress) use the term “plugin” to describe a bundle of code and other elements that can be installed in order to get access to the features they provide. In Drupal, these are called modules, and plugins are one of the ways a module can add new features.

Learn to extend Drupal with plugins

We think this tutorial--both the written and video formats--will help you develop this essential skill in Drupal module development. By the end of the tutorial, you'll have a recipe-like process for implementing plugins of any type, and be equipped with the knowledge to create your own plugins in a module.

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