We've Redesigned our Guides

We've redesigned our Guides and would love to know what you think!

The new design features include:

  • Separation of Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 resources
  • Use of accordions to hide and show sections to cut down on overwhelmingly long pages
  • Pinned table of contents with jump links for easier navigation between major sections

Each guide's content was reviewed and updated to reflect our latest releases and organized to help you find the resources you need to fill the gaps in your Drupal training.

Check out any of our Guides, such as Learn to Build Drupal Sites or Work with Drupal Themes to see our revamped guides in action and let us know what you think!

Next steps: User testing and interviews

We know that wading through a ton of content isn't always fun, so we're trying to find ways to improve the findability and organization of our resources. To that end, we'll be getting in touch with some of our present and past members to conduct some user testing interviews. Our hope is that we can get a better understanding of how our members are using the site and where the frustrations (and successes!) are.

What do you think?

What do you think of the new design for the guides? Does it help you find the resources you need to meet your learning goals? Let us know in the comments, click the "Was this helpful?" survey at the bottom of any guide, or contact me via our support channel.

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Yes, it's very cool and useful!
Thanks for the work you've done.
You are the best!


I honestly think this website is pretty confusing.
It's not easy to follow the "lines of learning". Let's say the user starts the "drupal sitebuilder" guide.
I would expect this page https://drupalize.me/guide/build-drupal-sites to be a list of chapters. It's not. Ok the user opens the drop down and there it can be seen a chapter about Drupal 8 and a chapter about Views in D7. Why is that? it adds confusion.
So I click on "chapter 1, understanding drupal". From this page: https://drupalize.me/series/user-guide/understanding-chapter how the user can go back to the "sitebuilder guide" home page?

It's not easy to grasp, I did not find an easy way.

I think there are many e-learning websites which use UX best practices from which Drupalize.me can learn a lot.

Thanks for your thoughts. We are continuing to work on bringing better organization and clarity to our content and your comment is appreciated as we decide what needs to be addressed.

Well plus to that, it's really confusing. I've got a paid account a few days ago and still not sure how is it categorized. Guides refers randomly to arbitrary places of tutorials and series... I don't even know.

The Guides are meant to bring together resources we feel are most relevant for a certain role or objective, such as "module developer" or "front end developer" or an objective like passing an Acquia Certification Exam.

But, like I mentioned, we're looking at better--or more expected--ways to organize our content and we appreciate and are soliciting feedback in this regard.

Now when I've spent some time here it actually makes sense, but it was really confusing at the beginning.

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