Release Day: Drupal 8 Web Services POST, PATCH, and DELETE

While being able to read data from a web services API is certianly important, most consumers are likely also going to need to create new entities, or update existing ones. Allowing a user to change their name for example, or adding comments on a blog post. This week we're excited to be adding four new tutorials to our existing Web Services in Drupal 8 series that cover creating, updating, and deleting entities using Drupal's JSON API. As well as information about how to handle errors that come up when doing so.

New tutorials this week

These tutorials, like the rest in this series, were written by one of the top web services experts in Drupal, Mateu Aguilo Bosch (e0ipso), one of the creators and maintainers of the Drupal JSON API module, and the Contenta CMS, and a member of the Drupal 8 API-first initiative team.

In addition to these new written tutorials, we've also been working hard to record video to accompany all of the tutorials in the Web Services in Drupal 8 series and plan to have those completed and published on the site in the near future.

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