Release Day: Finishing the Migrate Module Series

Today we finish up the Importing Data With Migrate and Drupal 7 series. In four hours of lessons we've covered everything from Migrate module concepts to writing your own custom data migration. To wrap things up this week, we are going to take a look at using other data sources, like CSV files, as well as different destinations aside from nodes. You'll see how to find the documentation for working with other data types and Drupal destinations, as well as using that knowledge to both import some CSV records, and import terms for a new vocabulary on our SportsBall example site. The last lesson in this series walks you through the process of troubleshooting migration failures so you have a sense of the tools and tricks available to track down the problem, and make sure the failed records get successfully added.

We hope you've found this series useful in explaining how Drupal migrations work, and learning to navigate creating your own custom migrations in the future. In the coming weeks keep an eye out for new videos on working with Pantheon, and more of the Using Drupal series, starting with two versions of the Media module.

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