Release Day: More Module Development Tutorials


Our Drupal 8 Module Development Guide is ever-expanding; if you haven't checked it out lately, you might want to take a look. So far we've covered topics such as Plugins, Events, and Hooks as well as an assortment of other subjects. Recently, we've published new tutorials on how to add different kinds of menu links in a module and we've added a pair of tutorials on how to add an info file and how to define permissions for a module in Drupal 8.

While the bulk of my work on content this quarter is going into adding tutorials to our Entity API series (including some Field API tutorials that are coming soon), recently we've published a handful new tutorials in our Drupal 8 Module Development Guide that will help fill in some of the gaps, especially if you are relatively new to the module development process in Drupal 8.

We love being able to provide a written format for this code-heavy tutorials. You can copy-and-paste the examples with ease and get started quickly trying these tasks out in your own module.

Here are the recent tutorial releases for module developers:

The initial work for these tutorials came out of the research notes I took for the Create a Custom Content Entity tutorial. While we're diligently working on new Drupal 8 content, and keeping our already published material up-to-date, we're also trying to take the opportunity to publish related material whenever we can. We will continue to use these release blog posts to highlight the publication of several tutorials like this, but if there's a topic you're particularly interested in or stumped by contact us and let us know.

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