Release Day: Performance and Scalability for Drupal Sites

We're excited to announce a new course, Performance and Scalability for Drupal Sites! This is a complicated and much-requested topic and we're thrilled to have had expert help from Anna Mykhailova, amykhailova on Anna is an Associate Director of Technology and certified Acquia Grand Master. She has extensive real-world experience using Drush to solve client's needs through her work as a developer.

This course is for site administrators who want to learn the concepts and terminology around site performance, and what tools are available to them to monitor their Drupal's site's health and performance. Site administrators will also benefit from learning how to use tools such as Lighthouse and WebPageTest to identify opportunities for increasing performance.

Backend developers and site builders will learn about modules, tools, and third-party services available to boost, monitor, and profile their Drupal site's performance.

This course is a deep dive into the concepts, terminology, tools, and strategies around performance and scalability for Drupal sites. By the end of this course, you will be well-equipped to understand your site's performance and how you can make your Drupal site blazing fast.


Happy Drupal performance tuning!

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