Training Workshops at Twin Cities Drupal Camp

Twin Cities DrupalCamp is always my favorite Drupal event of the year, both because it's close to home, and because I get to be involved in planning and organizing. I have the opportunity to attend quite a few Drupal events every year, and there's just something extra special in doing so not only as a participant but as a volunteer. You get to see a different side of things, and engage with people in different ways. It's a great chance to spend some time working on something you care about with friends.

This year the camp is taking place from June 7th-10th in Minneapolis, and it's shaping up to be a good one. As is tradition, the Thursday before the official camp starts is training day. This year, we've got three great options for you to choose from, including a workshop by Amber and me about theming Drupal 8.

We actually did the same workshop at Twin Cities DrupalCamp last year, and it sold out. So thought we would offer it again this year to give a new set of people the chance to learn to make beautiful things with Drupal 8.

Learn Drupal 8 Theming

You can sign up for our Drupal 8 Theming workshop to get the low-down on all of the goodies that come with the powerful theme system. The workshop is free for anyone that's registered for the camp, but seats are limited, so don't wait.

This workshop will familiarize front-end developers with Drupal 8's theme system. Whether your goal is to theme your personal site, pass the Acquia front-end developer certification, or upgrade your skills for a job, we provide students with a solid foundation on which to start, and enough knowledge to continue to practice and learn on their own. Whether you're creating an entirely new theme from scratch or making nips and tucks to an existing design, understanding how Drupal's theme system works -- or having someone on your team who does -- is essential.

Here's what we're planning to cover in this all-day workshop:

  • How the Drupal theme layer relates to the rest of the system
  • Common theming terminology and processes
  • How to override any of Drupal's HTML output
  • The relationship between base themes and sub themes
  • Everything you need to know about Twig when working with Drupal templates
  • How to add both custom and third-party CSS and JavaScript libraries
  • Tools for introspecting and debugging a theme
  • Tips and tricks for using common front-end development tools like CSS preprocessors and task runners, in conjunction with Drupal

We do have a limited number of seats for this workshop, so sign up soon to reserve your spot.

Sign up for Theming Drupal 8!

Additional trainings

If that's not what you're after, there are two additional trainings that you can choose from, put on by our friends at Agaric, and Backdrop CMS.

Drupal 8 Content Migrations, presented by Agaric This training is aimed at site builders who will learn to combine various core and contributed modules and write YAML files to accomplish content migrations. No prior experience with the Migrate module is required.

Intro to Backdrop CMS, presented by Backdrop CMS This introductory training will cover the basics of creating and administering a website with Backdrop CMS.

Come say hi

Even if you're not attending one of the trainings above we would still love to say hi if you're going to be at Twin Cities DrupalCamp this year. Amber and I will be around throughout the event, we'll have stickers, and would love to catch up. So if you see us, say hello.

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