We'd Like to Sponsor Your User Group

We're happy to announce a new program to sponsor user groups around the world: Meetup Memberships. We're giving user groups FREE access to the entire Drupalize.Me library on days that you have meetups or camps planned. It's like having a Drupalize.Me instructor show up at your event, anywhere, anytime! Here's how it works:

  • Your group applies for a Meetup membership.
  • We create a login for your group to be used on event days.
  • Whenever you have a publicly posted event, you notify us with the date of your upcoming event (we need a week's notice).
  • We'll activate the membership for the full day of the event.

You will have full, free access to all of the content on Drupalize.Me for the day, and you can use it however you like. If you want to "present" on something, like Drush, Views, Entities, or whatever, you can set up a projector and play videos from the site. (Yes, you will need a reliable Internet connection to stream our videos.) You get to share expert information, and there is no need for you to prepare the material or examples yourself. You can do this in classic presentation style, or you can also use the videos for group learning, as a study group. Play a video (or set of videos) and then use them, pausing and replaying, to help each other work through a project together.

This is a new program for us. To ensure the best possible experience for everyone we have decided to start with a small test group of Meetup Memberships. We're looking forward to expanding the program once we've got the kinks worked out. We'd like to test the program with a range of different groups (some big, some small, some established, some new). Please apply for a Meetup membership today by simply telling us a bit about your group. The application form will remain open during our trial period. You can apply as soon as you're ready. We look forward to sponsoring your group through our collection of Drupal training videos!

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