Wish We Were There: Our DrupalCon Amsterdam Picks

DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019. 28 OCT - 31 OCT. Amsterdam, Netherlands

We're sad to miss DrupalCon Europe in Amsterdam next week (October 28-31, 2019). But which talks would we attend if we were going? Amber and I combed through the Interactive Program and created a list of what looks intriguing at the next DrupalCon. Will you be there? You might want to check out our picks.

Joe's picks

I'm not going to be at DrupalCon Amsterdam. First time I've missed a DrupalCon since 2011! And I'm bummed about missing the chance to catch up with friends, meet new people, and keep up with everything the Drupal community is doing. If, however, I was in Amsterdam, these are some of the sessions that would be on my calendar.

Amber's picks

Amber: A big plus one from me on Joe's picks, and here are a few more I would check out if I was there.

  • Autosave and Concurrent editing (conflict resolution) in Drupal 8

    Training around content editing can be tricky because each site has a different configuration and internal process for creating, editing, publishing, and archiving content. But there are definitely some universal known problems in editing content in Drupal and "losing changes before saving content" and "concurrent editing conflicts" are two of them. If you are in the frustration stage of this problem and are looking for potential solutions, check out this session which introduces two modules that address these problems.

  • Configuration Management Initiative 2.0 updates

    Now that Configuration Management in Drupal 8 has been used in sites for a while now, some limitations and challenges have emerged. In this session, you'll get an overview of these issues and how the Configuration Management Initiative 2.0 will seek to address them and how you can structure your sites today for minimal disruption in the future. I'll definitely be checking out the recording on this one to make sure we're making the best recommendations possible in our tutorials on Configuration Management.

  • Initiative Leads Keynote

    Attend this keynote to get updates from initiative leads and learn how you can get involved with core contribution for these coordinated efforts. I'll be cheering from the internet sidelines for my fellow core contributors!

  • (Paid) Training: Drupal + Gatsby

    Our training friend Suzanne Dergacheva is offering a training on Drupal + Gatsby. If I could, I would totally register for this training workshop. Suzanne is a great instructor and the topic is very hot right now, and I think will continue to be into the future.

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