The core content moderation and workflow modules can help support a flexible publication process. By defining a variety of states for content (Unpublished, Draft, Pending Review, Published, etc.) and managing the permissions around those state transitions site administrators can build up a workflow to support all but the most complicated of publishing processes.

Example tasks

  • Create additional publication states for your content (e.g., Draft)
  • Configure a more complex content publication Workflow (compared to Published vs Unpublished)


The modules involved in the configuration of content workflows are still, in many cases, experimental. This means that they are in flux and there is no guarantee that there will be an upgrade path between minor versions of Drupal. While these modules will likely become stable in the future (possibly even with the release of 8.4.0), at this point our recommendation is to use them at your own risk! We will keep this page updated with each new Drupal release.

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External resources

  • Content Moderation (
    • This is the official handbook page for the core content moderation module. While it's currently marked incomplete, it does a good job providing a high level overview of the user interface for configuring a basic content moderation workflow.
  • Improving Drupal's content workflow (
    • This blog post from Drupal project leader Dries Buytaert provided the initial guidance for the content moderation and workflow initiative. While it's a bit old, it's a good introduction to the problem.
  • Workflow initiative (
    • This issue is tracking the official status of the content workflow initiative. If you're interested in the evolving status of this functionality this is a good place to keep tabs on it. It is also a great place to dig in if you'd like to contribute to help move things towards stability.