The core content moderation and workflow modules can help support a flexible publication process. By defining a variety of states for content (Unpublished, Draft, Pending Review, Published, etc.) and managing the permissions around those state transitions site administrators can build up a workflow to support all but the most complicated of publishing processes.

Example tasks

  • Create additional publication states for your content (e.g., Draft)
  • Configure a more complex content publication Workflow (compared to Published vs Unpublished)


Drupal's Content Moderation and Workflows modules are stable and in core. There is a suite of contributed modules that provided additional functionality. All are actively being developed. Resources labeled for Drupal 8 should also apply to Drupal 9.

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External resources

  • Content Moderation module (Drupal Wiki) (
    • This is the official Drupal Wiki page for the core content moderation module. It provides a high level overview of the user interface for configuring a basic content moderation workflow.
  • Improving Drupal's content workflow (
    • This blog post from Drupal project leader Dries Buytaert provided the initial guidance for the content moderation and workflow initiative. While it's a bit old, it's a good introduction to the problem.