Last updated December 16, 2021

JavaScript (JS) is an interpreted programming language that is widely used on the web to control web page behavior and interactivity. Drupal core has several JavaScript libraries included, and many websites today use JavaScript in some capacity to improve the website experience.

Example tasks

  • Learn how to use JavaScript to provide client side animation and functionality
  • Understand how to incorporate a third party JavaScript library into a Drupal site
  • Learn about the JavaScript libraries included in Drupal


While JavaScript frameworks and utilities are released at a rapid pace, JavaScript itself is a foundational technology. Drupal's interface for working with JavaScript asset libraries and the API provided by Drupal for working with JavaScript are unlikely to change substantially in the near future.

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External resources

  • The Modern JavaScript Tutorial (
    • How it's done now. From the basics to advanced topics with simple, but detailed explanations.
  • MDN JavaScript (
    • Tutorials for beginners through advanced, along with a wealth of reference materials.
  • Learn JavaScript (
    • Interactive tutorial site where you can code in the browser as you work through the lessons.
  • HTMLDog JavaScript Tutorials (
    • A whole set of tutorials for beginner through advanced. They have a full suite of HTML and CSS tutorials as well.
  • Superhero.JS (
    • A best practice collection of articles, videos, and presentations to help you learn JavaScript.
  • JavaScript for PHP Geeks (
    • A series of video tutorials on JavaScript, specifically with a PHP developer audience in mind. From our friends at SymfonyCasts.


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