Module Development

The Object-Oriented PHP Project for Drupal 8, 9

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This course introduces important concepts in object-oriented PHP. It is authored and produced by our partners at KnpUniversity (now SymfonyCasts). In this PHP course, you'll be building a PHP app using PHP and refactoring the code, step-by-step, using concepts in OO-PHP such as classes, methods, access control, type hinting, and constructors. You'll learn how to have one object interact with another and by the end of this project, your PHP app will be sporting some shiny new object-oriented PHP.

In this lesson, Leanna introduces you to the project and shows you how to get it up and running. So, look for the Course code download link below and we'll walk you through the process of getting the app up and running on your computer using the built-in PHP server. As long as you have PHP installed on your computer and a code or text editor, you should be able to complete the lessons in this series. (A full stack web server (i.e. Apache/MySQL/PHP) is not required, only PHP.) Follow along by running commands from the start directory.

Additional resources

PHP Built-in web server (PHP Manual)