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i.4. Reporting Problems for Drupal 8, 9, and 10


Report a problem with this guide, such as:

  • Information that is incorrect or does not follow best practices
  • Steps that do not work
  • Screenshots or text that doesn’t match what you see on the screen
  • Unclear writing
  • Places where a table or screenshot would help clarify the text
  • Failure to define terminology
  • Missing knowledge prerequisites or site prerequisites for a topic
  • Typographical, spelling, grammar, or formatting errors
  • Broken links


  1. Make a note of the topic or topics that contain the problem you have found.
  2. Log in to (you will need to create a user account if you do not already have one).
  3. Visit the User Guide issues page on
  4. Verify that the problem you found has not already been reported in another issue:

    • If there are only a few open issues, scan the Summary column to see if any of their descriptions match the problem you found. You may also need to read some of the issues to make sure, which you can do by clicking the links in the Summary column.
    • If the open issue list is long, enter either a keyword related to the problem you found or the title of the topic where the problem occurs in the Search for box, and click Search to reduce the issue list. Then either scan the summaries or read the issues to see if they match your problem.
  5. If you determine that your problem has not already been reported, click Create a new issue, and fill in the issue report as follows:

    Field name Explanation Example value


    Short summary of the problem you found

    Instructions in "Adding a Content Type" do not work


    Type of issue being reported

    Bug report


    Version of the guide you found the problem in


    Issue summary

    Details of the problem you found

    In the "Adding a Content Type" topic, in step 3, when I clicked Save, I got the following error message: …

  6. Reread the Title and Issue summary you entered, and verify that the following information is included in your report:

    • A complete description of the problem you found
    • The name of the topic or topics where you found the problem
    • The language you are reading the guide in (if not English)
    • If you read the guide on a website, a link to the page or pages with the problem
  7. Click Save to create the issue.
  8. Check back on the issue in a few days. If one of the project maintainers has asked for clarification, respond by adding a comment to the issue.


Written by Jennifer Hodgdon.