Site Building

i.6. Guiding Scenario for Drupal 8, 9, and 10

When reading this guide, it is helpful to have a website building project in mind. The following project scenario provides context and links together the examples in this guide:

You are making a website for a farmers market. The site needs to display information about the location and hours of the market, and an About page with the history of the market. It also needs to list the vendors. Vendors should be able to edit their listings (including a logo or photo), and post recipes. Site visitors should be able to browse recipes, or locate recipes using ingredients that they purchased at the market. Some visitors to your site speak another language, so the main pages and vendor pages need to be translated.

As you read through the guide and try out the tasks it describes, you may choose to follow the scenario exactly; you could also modify the tasks to suit your purposes. If you do want to follow the scenario exactly, you’ll find that you need some image files, which are located in the assets directory of the .zip or .tgz file download available on the User Guide project page.


Written/edited by Jennifer Hodgdon.