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Display Suite: Add CSS Classes to Regions

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  • 0:04
    In this lesson, we'll look at the two-step process
  • 0:07
    for adding a custom CSS class for use in a region.
  • 0:11
    We'll look at how to add to the list of CSS classes
  • 0:14
    that may be applied to a region and then I'll show you how to apply
  • 0:18
    that CSS class that we added to a region, using the Manage Display interface.
  • 0:24
    So I'm back in my zendemo-2col layout and I'm looking at
  • 0:30
    the template file, the zendemo-2col.tpl.php
  • 0:35
    and you can see we've got a number of php variables,
  • 0:38
    including these classes that are printed out for the layout wrapper
  • 0:43
    and then we've got left classes and right classes that are printed out
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