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Theme Developer Module and Views

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  • 0:04
    I'm on the project page on
  • 0:06
    for the Theme developer module and I also like to remember this module
  • 0:11
    by its machine name, devel_themer because I usually install and enable it
  • 0:17
    using Drush and for that I need the machine name.
  • 0:20
    You can also find the machine name from the URL of the project page, and it's
  • 0:26
    the very last component of the URL, will be the machine name.
  • 0:31
    So something to note about Theme Developer, there's a dependency on Devel and
  • 0:36
    the simplehtmldom modules. Now, when I set up my sample site
  • 0:41
    I generated some sample content, so I already have Devel installed, because I used
  • 0:46
    the Devel generate module, but I don't have simplehtmldom and both Devel and
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Theme Developer Module and Views


In this tutorial, we'll download the Theme Developer module and use it to inspect our view when it is using view modes for display instead of fields. We'll also look at how Theme Developer interacts with Views and some of the "gotchas" that can occur when using these modules together.

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