Just Released: Docker, Symfony 4, Composer, and Form API Tutorials

This week, we've published more tutorials for our Drupal Development with Docker series, a new video series from KnpUniversity that will get you up and running with Symfony 4, a brand new set of tutorials: Introduction to Composer for Drupal Users, and another Form API tutorial.

More Drupal Development with Docker

Drupal Development with Docker

We've wrapped up our series on Drupal Development with Docker with another 8 tutorials authored by Tess Flynn:

Be sure to check out the entire set of 38 Docker tutorials here.

Symfony 4

Stellar Development with Symfony 4

We value our partnership with KnpUniversity, who produce enthusiastic video tutorials on PHP for Beginners, Object-Oriented PHP, Symfony, Twig, and more! Now we are happy to add a new set of tutorials that will introduce you to the exciting new features of Symfony 4. Wondering why you as a Drupal developer would want to learn Symfony 4? Ryan Weaver talks about that in his blog post, Symfony 4 and Drupal. Check it out. This week, we've published an entirely free video series, Stellar Development with Symfony 4:

Introduction to Composer for Drupal Users

Introduction to Composer for Drupal Users

Composer is the dependency manager of choice in the PHP world. But introducing it to the Drupal ecosystem of tools has been confusing for some. We're hoping this set of tutorials will demystify using Composer and help you understand how to use this powerful tool to install and manage your Drupal project. We brought in Matthew Grasmick, who has authored this new series, Introduction to Composer for Drupal Users.

Matthew, known as grasmash on Drupal.org, has been a member of the Drupal community since 2009. He maintains dozens of Drupal modules and the official Drupal Composer documentation. He is also the maintainer of Acquia's Build and Launch Tools, which automate Drupal 8 development, testing, and deployment processes.


Module Development Guide

This week, we also published a new tutorial related to Drupal's Form API: Retrieve and Display Forms. In case you missed it, we've recently added a set of Form API tutorials authored by Joe Shindelar to our Drupal 8 Module Development Guide:

There will be more Form API tutorials to come (AJAX, anyone?) and we'll be adding videos to these in the future as well.

Happy web developing from your friends at Drupalize.Me!

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