Tutorials updated for Drupal 8.6 and Drush 9

Drupalize.Me Update

Every 6 months, the Drupal core maintainers release a new minor version. This includes any work completed by the myriad community members who maintain the many sub-systems, modules, themes, and installation profiles in Drupal. These minor releases include a mix of new features (both stable and experimental), bug fixes, updates to various API functions or methods (including replacements for deprecated functionality), along with all of the bug and security fixes from interim patch releases (from the last minor version release).

During the 8.6 development cycle, as issues were resolved and code committed, a change record was added to Change records for Drupal core. We combed through all of the change records for 8.6.0 and searched our tutorials for instructions that needed updating. Many of these included updates to our Automated Testing in Drupal 8 tutorials. While we haven't added tutorials about all of the new features introduced in Drupal 8.6 (yet), we have updated any information that was changed in 8.6 that were mentioned in our tutorials.

You can read about what's new in 8.6.0 in this blog post on Drupal.org from Gábor Hojtsy.

Here are the tutorials we updated for Drupal 8.6:

Theming (Theme settings)

Theming (JavaScript/ESLint)





Where applicable, we added links to the relevant change records or indicated if a feature was introduced in Drupal 8.6.

Drush updates

Drush recently released a major update with Drush 9. And there a lot of folks using either Drush 8 or 9 on Drupal 8 sites, so in our written tutorials, we included both Drush 8 and 9 commands. Note that our video series on Drush was not updated. A great resource to bookmark is Drush Commands, where you can find commands and options for Drush 6, 7, 8, and 9. Most recently, we've updated the following tutorials with both Drush 8 and 9 commands:

As usual, if you find a error or problem with a tutorial, please let us know and we'll do our best to fix it as soon as possible.

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