The ability to upload, manage, and display various assets like files, images, videos, and audio, is important to many websites. In addition to simple file display and download, there are also options to embed different kinds of external media within content for viewing and playing. If a site has a lot of assets, there are also tools to help manage and quickly find, edit, and reuse existing assets when needed.

Example tasks

  • Add a field that allows for file upload and download
  • Embed images and video in content
  • Manage preset image styles
  • Browse and locate a file from a media library


Media management has been in rapid development throughout Drupal 7's life cycle and into Drupal 8, so documentation may not always match the latest version of the modules. As of Drupal 8.4, media features are being added to core with a new Media entity type. This is the first step in completing the "Essentials" phase of adding media to core. You can read more about the full plan in the Media in Drupal 8 Initiative issue. The plan for the Essentials phase in 8.4 and 8.5 can be found in the Media initiative: Essentials - first round of improvements in core issue. This means media in Drupal 8 is very much in flux and documentation will change regularly.

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The following tutorials are for Drupal 7, but in many cases the techniques still apply for Drupal 8.

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