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Lists and Loops for Drupal 7

This page is archived

We're keeping this page up as a courtesy to folks who may need to refer to old instructions. We don't plan to update this page.

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Rules guide (

Sprout Video

This tutorial shows how to manage lists in Rules – data types corresponding to arrays of other data types. It covers:

  • How to loop through multiple-value data in Rules, to act on each individual data entry
  • That lists are their own data types in Rules
  • That each primary data type automatically gets a list type as well
  • How to add data to lists
  • How to only add data if it is not already present
  • How to select whether to add new data to the start or end of the list
  • How to load new entities into Rules (by id)
  • A few words about other ways of fetching entities, such as by property or with Views (through VBO or Rules Bonus Pack)
  • That Rules configuration are actually entities
  • How to disable reaction rules

Additional resources

Rules guide (