Adding file fields and image fields

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  • 0:05
    [Adding file fields & image fields] [Intro to Fields for Site Builders]
  • 0:07
    [Chapter 11] [with Michelle Lauer]
  • 0:14
    In this chapter we're going to be talking about adding file fields and image fields
  • 0:19
    to our job application content type.
  • 0:21
    We left off with 3 fields that the user can input data into--
  • 0:26
    their name, the job that they're applying for, and their bio.
  • 0:30
    Let's go ahead and add in a field so they can upload their resume.
  • 0:33
    We're going to click on structure
  • 0:38
    and go into our content types,
  • 0:40
    and we're going to manage fields.