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Drupal Node Access System

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  • 0:04
    In this lesson we're going to talk briefly about the Drupal Node Access System.
  • 0:10
    There are a lot of contributed modules in the Drupal space that rely on this access system, and so understanding some of the basics
  • 0:19
    of what it's intended to do and how that works will help when you're choosing modules that use the Node Access System
  • 0:27
    just so that you have some context for what it is that you're choosing and how that could affect how you build your site.
  • 0:33
    So we are going to take a look at just defining what the Node Access System is so that you have some idea of what that means.
  • 0:40
    We'll point to where some documentation is. If you want to read more details and really dive into it,
  • 0:47
    you can track things down there. I want to bring up the most important points, particularly from a site builder perspective
  • 0:54
    on what you need to know about the Node Access System. And then we will talk about how it actually works
  • 1:01
    to control access. What is it doing? How does that affect your site when you're building things?
  • 1:07
    So Node Access. The Node Access System determines who can do what to which nodes.

Drupal Node Access System


Domain Access can do its magic because of the Drupal node access system. In this tutorial we'll walk through the basics of how this system works, highlighting the two main methods, and then explain why this may be important information for you. We won't be diving into the code side of things, but instead outline the basic concepts for anyone who needs to interact with this system. When using a module like Domain Access, you should be aware of the Drupal context in which you are working, even if you hopefully never have to dive into the details.

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