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This video covers a topic in Drupal 7 which may or may not be the version you're using. We're keeping this tutorial online as a courtesy to users of Drupal 7, but we consider it archived.

Enable Your Theme

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    EMMA JANE WESTBY: Once your theme is uploaded,
  • 0:09
    you'll still need to enable it so that Drupal actually
  • 0:12
    knows that it should be using your theme.
  • 0:15
    In this lesson, you'll learn how to enable your new theme.
  • 0:20
    Let's go ahead and do that now.
  • 0:24
    This is how our site looks with the default theme, Bartik, enabled.
  • 0:28
    We've added our content.
  • 0:30
    There's a couple of blocks that need to be
  • 0:32
    placed and a few menus as well.
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Enable Your Theme


Once your theme is uploaded you still need to enable it before it will be applied to your site. By the end of this lesson you will be able to enable new themes for your Drupal site.

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