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Introducing Rules Scheduler

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Introducing Rules Scheduler


This screencast shows how to start using Rules Scheduler. It does this by mimicking the Comment Closer module – closing the comments on articles two weeks after they are created. The screencast covers:

  • Rules Scheduler needs components – you can only schedule prepared components
  • Components can be scheduled as actions, for example from reaction rules
  • The evaluation time for scheduled tasks is set with strtotime(), which means that you can use highly flexible expressions
  • You can also use data selection, combined with offsets if you want to
  • Every scheduled task should have a unique task ID, or it will replace existing tasks
  • Scheduled tasks are displayed under the Schedule tab on the Rules admin pages
  • You can delete tasks manually if you want to
  • You can schedule tasks manually, without the need of reaction rules
  • It is sometimes useful to execute rule components manually, to see that the scheduled tasks will work as expected

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