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Views Bulk Operations (VBO) Module

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    [Views Bulk Operations Module with Addison Berry]
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    In this lesson we're going to be taking a look at a really neat module
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    that extends the Views module, called Views Bulk Operations
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    or otherwise heard in the community as VBO.
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    Basically, what this is going to let you do is add checkboxes to a view
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    that let you select multiple items at the same time
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    and then perform an action on all of those items.
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    This is very similar if you go to your Administer Content page that comes with core.

Views Bulk Operations (VBO) Module


The Views Bulk Operations (VBO) module is a great extension for the Views module, which allows you to add bulk operation checkboxes and actions to any view. You often see bulk operations on various Drupal core administration pages, like the content administration screen, which lets you select multiple pieces of content, and then perform an action, like publishing or deleting, on all items at the same time. VBO lets you add this to your administrative screens, which allows you to create very customized reports that also have time-saving actions available to them as well.