Using the Ooyala Module with Drupal 7

In this four-part series, Andrew Berry introduces you to the Ooyala module for Drupal. Ooyala is a paid video delivery service, which manages your videos and handles video delivery to your site. With the Ooyala module you can connect the Ooyala service to your Drupal site to display and play your Ooyala videos from within Drupal. This series will explain how to install and configure the Ooyala module, and then show you how to use it with Views and Views Slideshow.

Important note about installation from quicksketch (the maintainer): As of 7.x-2.1 (Sept-23-2016), the Ooyala module bundles the "ooyala-ingestion-library". We now no longer need to download the external library. We also now no longer depend on jQuery Update or Libraries API. So the installation overall should be a lot easier.