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Case Study: Mom and Pop, Inc. for Drupal 7

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This series, from the O'Reilly Media book Using Drupal, Second Edition, is intended for people who are new to Drupal, provides a tour of its capabilities, as well as definitions for its sometimes obscure terminology. We’ll demonstrate how Drupal can be used “out of the box” to build a simple website. Readers who are familiar with Drupal already may still want to skim through this, as later series in the Using Drupal guide will assume knowledge of all content covered here. By the end, you’ll understand how to perform administrative tasks in Drupal, such as configuring modules, working with content types, and setting up site navigation. This series assumes that you already have Drupal up and running. For assistance with that, check out the Appendix A series, on Installing and Updating Drupal, as well as the helpful Getting Started guide.

To get things started with Drupal, we're going to build out a very basic website. The Mom & Pop, Inc. site project will cover many of the basic pieces you need to grasp the fundamentals of building with Drupal, and are a good foundation for the other series we'll be doing from Using Drupal. We'll take a tour through the administrative settings, create and manage content, work with modules and users, as well as changing the look of our new site. In this first lesson in the series we're going to review the Mom & Pop case study and discuss our implementation plan.

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