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Hands-On: Make the Product List View Searchable

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  • 0:07
    with Addison Berry
  • 0:11
    To turn our great product finder view
  • 0:13
    into a searchable interface, we're going
  • 0:16
    to add two filters to the view.
  • 0:19
    The first one will be so that people can limit it by manufacturer.
  • 0:23
    The second one is going to be a keyword search.
  • 0:26
    So someone can just type in a word and filter
  • 0:28
    the view based on that word.
  • 0:31
    So in this lesson, we're going to add our filters,
  • 0:34
    and we're going to learn how to expose a filter so that the end

Hands-On: Make the Product List View Searchable


To transform the Product Finder page into a searchable index, we’ll be adding two new filters to the view: one that restricts the results by manufacturer, and another that restricts results to reviews that mention specific words. In this lesson, we'll:

  • Add a filter
  • Expose a filter
  • Set permissions