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This video covers a topic in Drupal 7 which may or may not be the version you're using. We're keeping this tutorial online as a courtesy to users of Drupal 7, but we consider it archived.

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Introduction to Site Building with Drupal 7

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  • 0:04
    [Series Introduction]
  • 0:06
    [with Michelle Lauer]
  • 0:13
    In this series, we'll be making configuration changes
  • 0:16
    to help you understand how to customize your site
  • 0:19
    and learn commonly used jargon.
  • 0:21
    We start with installing Drupal and finding, installing,
  • 0:25
    and enabling a contributed module.
  • 0:27
    Our journey continues by building a custom content type
  • 0:31
    and allowing our content to be put into different categories.
  • 0:35
    With these new pieces of content or nodes, we'll utilize the contributed modules
  • 0:40
    that we enabled earlier to create a listings page.
  • 0:44
    In addition to content types,
  • 0:46
    we tour other structural elements of your site, like menus and blocks.
  • 0:50
    At this point, it's time to find a contributed theme
  • 0:54
    to change the look of your website.
  • 0:56
    Our last chapters are about getting your site ready for launch
  • 1:00
    by indexing your content for the search module
  • 1:04
    and learning how to update core and other contributed modules.

Introduction to Site Building with Drupal 7


In this series we will walk through the process of building a basic Drupal 7 site. We start with installation and cover all of the major pieces of site building, including content, menus, blocks, users, and adding modules and themes. Along the way we'll define all of the common Drupal terminology and at the end you will have your first Drupal site, as well as the basic building blocks to build many more sites. This video gives an overview of the series.

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