Introduction to Theming Basics for Drupal 7

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Theming Basics for Drupal 7

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Introduction to Theming Basics for Drupal 7


Theming Basics for Drupal 7 will provide a solid foundation for translating designs into Drupal themes. You'll learn to work with .info and tpl.php template files, how to add CSS and JavaScript, how to work with the render system new in Drupal 7, how to override templates, create regions, and use the Theme Developer tool. You'll start with the original HTML, CSS and JavaScript template files that were provided by the designer so that you can follow along in translating the design into a Drupal 7 theme. The video explains Drupal's design vernacular, concepts, and special needs. We'll show you how to associate the proper CSS & Javascript files, add all of the necessary regions, and control the HTML output through page and node-specific templates. You'll learn about the best tools and strategies for controlling the look and feel of your Drupal website.

This series will cover the basics of Drupal theming while the more advanced theming topics of working with the template.php file will be covered in the Advanced Theming for Drupal 7 series. These videos pair with each other, and will finish the complete implementation of the 960 Robots theme used in both videos. You can download the theme we're building from 960 Robots.

Examples in this video are based on Drupal 7 and its variants.

In this introduction video, we set the stage for the Theming Basics series. We give an overview of what Drupal theming is, the common files we will work with, and the overall steps involved. Then we start off by defining and taking a look at the .info file and HTML template (tpl.php) files. We talk about regions and theme features, introduce the render() function, and explain dynamic templates. While we are teaching Drupal 7 theming, we also make sure to point out the important differences between Drupal 6 and 7.

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very nice and well explained. The best tuts for this purpose I've find in the net. great :)



As someone who has been mortified by the complexity of the Drupal Theme Layer, this video broke it down for me really well. It is so much more understandable to have an actual human explain things than peck it out of a wall of text. 


Now I need to know where that $content array comes from. I have full trust the Drupalize guys will tell me.


2 thumbs up!


I have been looking for a concise explanation of how to theme drupal from scratch and this is it.