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Overview of Layouts in Panels

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  • 0:04
    A Panels layout is a type of plugin used in Panels to provide layouts
  • 0:08
    for use in Panels and related modules.
  • 0:11
    Panels provides default layouts which you can find and select
  • 0:14
    in the Panels layout console.
  • 0:16
    These are provided in code by the Panels module
  • 0:19
    and you can find all of the default layouts
  • 0:21
    in the Plugins/Layouts directory of the Panels module.
  • 0:25
    Each layout has its own folder and includes a, a php template file,
  • 0:32
    a CSS file and a PNG image file which provides a thumbnail preview of the layout.
  • 0:38
    You can create your own custom Panels layouts by creating a Layouts directory in your theme,
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Overview of Layouts in Panels


As discussed in the previous tutorial, one thing that affects markup in Drupal when using the Panels module is the Panels layout. In this tutorial, I will provide an overview of how layouts work in Panels. To learn more about how to create your own Panels layout in code, see the related tutorial: Adding Custom Panels Layouts in Your Theme. To learn how to use the Flexible Layout Builder in Panels, see this tutorial: Custom Panels Layouts.

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