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Spotlight: Drupal Access Control

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  • 0:02
    [By Angela Byron & Addison Berry with Bruno de Bondt]
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  • 0:06
    [Using Drupal - Drupal Jumpstart]
  • 0:08
    [Spotlight: Drupal Access Control]
  • 0:11
    [with Addison Berry]
  • 0:14
    One of the most powerful things about Drupal is its access control system
  • 0:18
    that lets you determine who's going to do what, when, and where.
  • 0:23
    So in this lesson, we're going to get an overview of how the
  • 0:25
    access control system works and how nicely fine-tuned it is.
  • 0:30
    Specifically, we're going to be looking at user access

Spotlight: Drupal Access Control


One of the most powerful features of Drupal is its rich, fine-grained access control system, based around the concept of users, roles, and permissions. In this lesson we'll explain what these pieces are, and how they work together. We'll also discuss the user profile and various user account settings we can manipulate.