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Spotlight: Search Module

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  • 0:05
    with Addison Berry
  • 0:10
    One thing that people do a lot on websites is search.
  • 0:14
    They want to be able to find things.
  • 0:15
    Drupal core comes with a search module which is actually quite
  • 0:19
    flexible in terms of the settings, and it's pretty smart about how it
  • 0:23
    ranks the results and orders those, and you can tweak those settings.
  • 0:28
    So in this lesson, we're going to take a look at the search module
  • 0:32
    and the settings that it has available for us.
  • 0:35
    We're also going to talk about the importance of Cron
  • 0:38
    generally, but specifically also, how that relates to search.

Spotlight: Search Module


Drupal’s built-in Search module offers powerful, flexible searching features and intelligent ranking of results. Behind the scenes, it’s silently building an index of all the words used in the site’s content. In this lesson we'll:

  • Review the Search module settings
  • Explain the importance of cron
  • Discuss searching with Views