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Using Image Styles With Views

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Using Image Styles with Views


You can use custom image sizes for automatic display in your Views!

We already know that being able to set a standard for image display creates consistency and a better user experience. It also makes it for easier site administration because you don’t need to cut all of you images before you upload them. Drupal does all the work for you!! Not only can we specify what the image will look like at the node-level, we can also specify what the image will look like in Views.

I am assuming that you already know how to create custom image style presets, and are familiar with the Views module.

For this tutorial, you need to make sure the Image module that comes with Drupal Core is enabled and that you have already downloaded and enabled the Views module along with its prerequisites.

We will use the example of a blog, where we add our scaled images to display in the listing.

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