It’s February, and it’s time for another content update! Here’s what we’ve been working on.

This week's podcast, episode 56, has Greg Anderson and Juampy Novillo Requena join Addison Berry to discuss Drush and the PHP dependency manager, Composer. We talk about what Drush and Composer are, why and how Drush is using Composer now, as well as a look down the road at further integration.

This week we're going to wrap things up in our testing Drupal 7 with SimpleTest series. And it's a doozy. We'll cover, submitting AJAX forms, uploading files, writing unit tests, and the SimpleTest 7.x-2.x contributed module.

It might come as a shock to some of our members that we not only create the curriculum for our tutorials, but we also record, edit, and publish our own video. Besides training, my responsibilities include editing video and managing the production of our head-shots and screencasts. I also supervise the publication process from start to finish. I thought I'd share what that means, and give an overview of our video editing and publication process.

This week, we're excited to release the final installment of our series from JetBrains on PhpStorm. In these last six video tutorials, you'll learn how to debug Javascript, profile your application, use Vagrant in PhpStorm, use the built-in REST client, add functionality to the IDE with plugins, and add Drupal-specific helpers for module development.

Hey Drupal community! Drupal 8 is on the horizon, and Drupalize.Me is gearing up to produce hundreds of new tutorials. We're already working on the curriculum. But before we record anything, we want to know what training you need first.

Please tell us by completing the following survey. (It's short—only 6 questions!) As a thank-you, we'll give you $10 toward a new or existing Drupalize.Me membership!

Continuing on the knowledge that we learned last week, this week's release includes more tutorials in the testing Drupal 7 with SimpleTest series. This week covers, writing your first test, different types of assertions, navigation with the SimpleTest browser, and user authentication.

Happy new year, members! We worked hard during the holidays on some important tech improvements. Here’s a quick overview.

Looking to learn more about the RESTful module for Drupal? Look no further than our podcast #55 — The RESTful module. Host Kyle Hofmeyer joins Mateu Aguiló Bosch and Amitai Burstein to talk about the RESTful module they both maintain and how it is different from other solutions out there. Also on the podcast, conversations about why they choose GitHub as the platform of choice for hosting the module, Drupal 8, and what it is like to have two maintainers for a single module.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to enable responsive layouts in your theme by adding a viewport meta tag to your html template file. For more context and a demonstration, watch the free video, Adding the Viewport Meta Tag to html.tpl.php in the Getting Started with Responsive Web Design in Drupal series, now on Drupalize.Me.

Today we kick off a new series on writing tests for Drupal 7 using the SimpleTest framework included with Drupal core. This week introduces the concept of testing, some terminology specific to the SimpleTest framework, and walks through locating and running existing tests.

In my previous post, I documented the first of my Adventures in Porting a D7 Form Module to Drupal 8. In that article, I documented how I used the Drupal Module Upgrader to convert my Drupal 7 module, Form Fun, to Drupal 8 and what I learned along the way about how Routes and Controllers replaced hook_menu, and what I gleaned from change records about other API changes. This article is a continuation of that post, so you might want to pop over and give it a read so that you're up to speed with what we're doing here.