Updating the Drupal User Guide for Drupal 10

There are 2 big changes in Drupal 10 that have a huge impact on documentation: the new default public-facing theme, Olivero, and the new administrator-facing theme, Claro. In this post, I’ll explain how we've automated creation of screenshots for the Drupal User Guide to help deal with these changes, and what our plans are to ship a new Drupal 10 version of the Drupal User Guide.

Debugging inconsistent return values from the Drupal migration_lookup plugin

I recently ran into an issue while working on a Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 migration where the migration_lookup process plugin would sometimes return an array, and sometimes return a string. This inconsistent output caused issues when the plugin is configured with multiple source migrations. To figure out a solution I had to take a deep dive into the logic of the migration_lookup plugin -- and this is what I learned.

So. Many. Updates. What's New in 2022 at Drupalize.Me?

Every week we update the content on Drupalize.Me. Many times the updates are in response to a member who used the "Was This Helpful?" form at the bottom of every tutorial. It might be fixing a typo; updating a code example; or adding/removing/clarifying a sentence, section, or entire tutorial. We've published major updates to tutorials in our Automated Testing course and our Acquia Certification Study Guides, along with many other updates throughout the site for Drupal 9. Read on to learn about the updates we've made to tutorials, topics, guides, and more at Drupalize.Me.

Speed up Your Drupal Migrations with Highwater Marks

Joe digs into why a drush migrate:import command was so slow when running migrations for Drupalize.Me. And in the process, explains how to configure highwater marks to ensure that rows don't slip through the cracks.

Release Day: Time to learn Drush!

Drush (the Drupal Shell) is a command line interface for Drupal. It provides all sorts of commands for assisting in Drupal development, automating workflows and in general making it easier to script various parts of the Drupal workflow. Learning to use Drush and the commands that come with Drush core will help both site administrators and developers speed up their day-to-day Drupal work. It really is a handy tool for everyone, not just developers. We've just published a whole new series of tutorials on Drush, representing a huge effort to bring our Drush content up-to-date.

Setting up Drupal to Learn and Practice

Osio Labs intern Chinelo Obigwe shares her insights on getting Drupal installed for the first time on her Windows machine in this new blog post on Drupalize.Me. Read on to learn about several local web development environment tools she recommends to anyone starting out with learning Drupal and who wants to get Drupal up-and-running on their own machine.

How to Become a Drupal Developer

Learning Drupal can feel daunting. Its ecosystem is like a rich forest with all kinds of fruit and wildlife, but for those who aren’t experienced in exploring it, the foliage can look thick, dark, and foreboding. The sounds drifting from the trees seem mysterious and enchanting. But also a little dangerous. You know there are paths through the woods, but some aren’t well-marked, and some lead to dead ends. Some take you the long way around and then loop back on themselves. If you want to become a Drupal developer, what path should you take to explore the vast Drupal ecosystem?

Exploring Drupal While Learning Web Development

Pursuing and growing a career in web development is important to me, and it is currently a set goal, but I need to know what path in web development I want to take in order to do so effectively. Exploring all possible options is an important step in my professional development because I am still a beginner on this path. Drupal is a pre-existing solution that delivers automated webpages for web developers or anyone else who wants to create a functional website. It is now widely recognized as a fast-growing web development technology, and learning it is essential for me as I intend to keep up with the growth of web development.

New Voices, Important Topics at the 2021 Drupal Diversity & Inclusion Camp

Drupal Diversity & Inclusion, an independent working group within the Drupal community, is holding the first ever Drupal Diversity & Inclusion (DDI) Camp! The aim of the working group is to bring new voices and important topics together into a relaxed and fun virtual conference. You are invited to join Addi, Ashley, and Amber online this weekend, August 13 & 14, for two days of fantastic content from community speakers.

Debug any of Drupal's PHPUnit tests in PhpStorm with a DDEV Environment

Being able to execute, and step debug, Drupal's test using the PhpStorm UI makes it easier and more efficient to write tests for your projects. Learn how to configure PhpStorm to run Drupal's PHPUnit tests inside of a DDEV environment using docker-compose and a remote PHP CLI Interpreter. This setup will work for both Drupal core and your custom code.

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