Drupal Events in July

We've partnered up with several July events as sponsors and to give away free Drupalize.Me memberships. Here is a list of upcoming events that we're excited to be involved with.

New Tutorials and Tutorial Updates

We've been so busy adding and updating our content that we haven't had a chance to write about what we've done lately -- until now! Here's what we've been working on these past few months.

An Insider's Look at DrupalCon Session Selection

Amber Matz and I had the awesome opportunity to be part of the programming team for DrupalCon Baltimore. Both of us served as local track chairs. Amber worked on the Horizons track, and I worked on the Being Human track. We thought it would be fun to share some of our experience as track chairs helping with session selection.

Drupal Events in June

If you’re looking for a great experience learning Drupal this month, there are many varied opportunities at Drupal camps. It takes a lot of volunteer hours to run them, and we’re grateful to everyone who contributes. We’ve partnered with a few camps this month as sponsors, and have contributed some coupons and memberships. We’re proud to be involved with these June events.

Hands-On Movie Project Exercises Are Complete

We've added the last 13 tutorials for our free Hands-on Exercises: Movie Project, which covers building an entire Drupal 7 site, including site building, theming, and module development. The project is covered in 36 exercises, with the first 16 exercises focused on site building and theming. The remainder of the series has exercises that require module development, along with some performance testing.

Google Summer of Code 2017 Begins

Today marks the start of another Google Summer of Code, which is the 12th year that Drupal has been selected to work with a terrific group of bright and eager students. In this great program, Google pays students to work on various open source projects for 10 weeks. Our 8 students are working on some pretty cool projects with 15 community mentors. They have spent the last few weeks getting oriented in our community, and the actual coding work begins today. The deadline for their projects is August 29th. Drupalize.Me is proud to support these students by providing them with free memberships for the duration of the projects so they can dive right into Drupal 8.

Updates for Drupal 8.3

Earlier this month another regularly scheduled version of Drupal core was released. The current stable version of core is now 8.3.2. In this blog post we're going to take a look at some of the new features that have been added to this feature release and some of the tutorial updates we've made to make sure we're staying on top of the ever moving drop.

Frontend United 2017 and a Giveaway

This month sees the best European front-end conferences for Drupalers going down in Athens, Greece. Frontend United started 7 years ago with a group of Drupal front-enders and themers who wanted to focus on their specialty. Today it has become a very popular place to be for front-end developers, themers, and site builders from many different backgrounds.

Free Memberships for Drupal 8 Project Maintainers

Drupal 8 was many years in the making and is gaining in popularity as it matures. One of the aspects of Drupal 8 development that keeps many people from jumping in is that there are still a fair number of contributed projects (modules and themes) that have not been upgraded yet. To recognize the people who do the hard work of creating and maintaining contributed projects, and to encourage more people to upgrade projects to Drupal 8, we will give free Drupalize.Me memberships to project maintainers and the folks listed in Drupal 8's MAINTAINERS.txt file. This will provide a top Drupal 8 training resource for the people on the front lines, making Drupal 8 available to the world.

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