Creating a configuration settings form for your module

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  • 0:08
    In the previous chapter, we discussed hook_form_alters.
  • 0:11
    And in the example, we altered a form to make sure users did not use the password,
  • 0:16
    password, 12345, or love, and it was a hard-coded array that we created.
  • 0:21
    And in this chapter, instead of using a hard-coded array,
  • 0:25
    we actually want to make a configuration form
  • 0:28
    so administrators can add to, augment, or change that list.
  • 0:33
    A system settings form, when you click admin, will show up there in the list,
  • 0:37
    of all possible things an administrator can do on your site.
  • 0:41
    So to get started, we actually need to first create a page for these.
  • 0:47
    So I'm going to go into my code,

Module Development for Drupal 7

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Creating a Configuration Settings Form for Your Module


This video goes through the process of creating a configuration form in order to save settings to the variables table in the database, and how to integrate those variables into your module.

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We don't see the form_set_error message!
You should add a 'Comment' tab next to 'Reviews'


Tutorial is good, Although in the end I couldn't print out the error message that suppose to come from form_set_error(). I could also not see the result in the video. I might need to download the module files that attached here, but it seems that I followed all of the guidance in the tutorial. Anyway, The tutorial itself is great and I've learned a lot from it. Thanks.