Overview of jQuery Concepts

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First look at basic fundamentals of jQuery's syntax and usage. Learn about using the $ function, jQuery selectors for finding elements on the page, creating new DOM elements, and browser detection. In addition to selecting elements on the page we'll introduce the basics of jQuery effects and events. Note: In D7 developers are encouraged to add a jQuery wrapper around JavaScript. (function ($) { // Original JavaScript code. })(jQuery); When using Firebug console you need to use jQuery instead of $. >>> jQuery('.title') Drupal 7 uses jQuery in no-conflict mode meaning you need to wrap your code in an anonymous function and pass the jQuery object into the function. This is a pretty common practice now days and is actually a better way to write jQuery in general rather than always assuming that jQuery is the $ symbol. But, it means in the console you need to use either jQuery('selector) or $ = jQuery;