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Install and Tour Migrate Module

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  • 0:01
    Install and Tour Migrate Module with
  • 0:03
    Joe Shindelar
  • 0:08
    JOE SHINDELAR: What I'd like to do in this lesson is get us
  • 0:10
    started with downloading and enabling the Migrate module
  • 0:14
    and looking at the available resources.
  • 0:16
    We're going to go to and download the Migrate module
  • 0:19
    and make sure that we're using the appropriate version
  • 0:21
    for this series.
  • 0:23
    Then we're going to take a tour of the user interface
  • 0:26
    provided by the Migrate module, and then we'll

Install and Tour Migrate Module


In this lesson we'll cover downloading and installing the Migrate module (version 7.x-2.6) and ensuring that our local environment is ready to be able to run migrations via both the UI and drush. Once that's setup we'll take a high level look at the migrate module's UI and drush commands to familiarize ourselves with the tools that we'll be using throughout the rest of the series. This will also help formalize some of concepts introduced in the previous lesson.

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