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10.1. Adding a Language for Drupal 8, 9, and 10


Add one or more languages to your site and define which one is used by default.


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  1. Install the four core multilingual modules (Language, Interface Translation, Content Translation, and Configuration Translation), by following the steps in Section 4.3, “Installing a Module”.
  2. In the Manage administrative menu, navigate to Configuration > Region and language > Languages (admin/config/regional/language).
  3. Click Add language.
  4. Select Spanish (or your preferred language) from the Language name select list. Click Add language. After waiting for translations to finish downloading, you will be returned to the Languages page, with a confirmation message and the new language shown.

    List of available languages in the website

  5. Follow the steps in Section 8.3, “Placing a Block in a Region” to place the Language switcher block in the Sidebar second region. This will enable site visitors to switch between languages, once the site has been translated.

Additional resources community documentation page "Multilingual guide"


Written and edited by Leila Tite, Jennifer Hodgdon, and Boris Doesborg.

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