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6.6. Setting Up a Taxonomy for Drupal 8, 9, and 10


Create an Ingredients vocabulary and add it to the Recipe content type as a field that can contain an unlimited number of values and that allows adding new terms to the vocabulary.

Site prerequisites

The Recipe content type must exist. See Section 6.1, “Adding a Content Type”.


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  1. In the Manage administrative menu, navigate to Structure > Taxonomy (admin/structure/taxonomy). You will see the Tags vocabulary that was created with the core Standard installation profile. (Note that the name and description of this vocabulary are shown in English on this page; see Section 2.7, “Concept: User Interface, Configuration, and Content translation” for an explanation.)

    taxonomy list page

  2. Click Add vocabulary, and fill in the values below.

    Field name Explanation Example value


    The name of the vocabulary



    A brief note about the vocabulary

    (Leave blank)

    taxonomy add Ingredients

  3. Click Save. You will be taken to the Ingredients page, which shows a list of all the terms in this vocabulary.

    Ingredients taxonomy term listing

  4. Click Add term. Enter "Butter" in the Name field. Click Save.

    Add term page

  5. You will receive a confirmation about the term you created. Add more terms. For example, "Eggs" and "Milk".
  6. In the Manage administrative menu, navigate to Structure > Content Types (admin/structure/types). Click Manage fields for your Recipe content type.
  7. Click Add field, and enter values from the table below. Click Save and continue.

    Field name Explanation Value


    The title to give the field


    Choose a type of field

    Select the field type


    Choose an option below:

    Type of content to reference

    Taxonomy term

    Add Ingredients field to Content type Recipe

  8. On the following configuration screen, enter the values from the table below. Click Save settings.

    Field name Explanation Value

    Help text

    Help shown to users creating content

    Enter ingredients that site visitors might want to search for

    Type of item to reference

    The type of entity that is referenced by the field

    Taxonomy term

    Allowed number of values

    The number of values a user can enter


    Reference type > Reference method

    Select the method used to choose allowed values


    Reference type > Vocabulary

    Select the vocabulary to choose allowed values from


    Reference type > Create referenced entities if they don’t already exist

    Whether new ingredient terms can be created from the content editing form


    reference type field settings

  9. Click Save settings. You will be taken back to the Manage Fields page. A message will be displayed saying that the configuration for Ingredients is complete.

    Manage fields page for Recipe content type