Last updated May 9, 2018


Reorder the items in a menu.

Site prerequisites

Home and About pages must exist in the main navigation menu. See Section 5.7, “Adding a Page to the Navigation”.


Changing the Order of Navigation

  1. In the Manage administrative menu, navigate to Structure > Menus (admin/structure/menu) where all menus on your site are listed. Click Edit Menu from the Operations dropdown for Main navigation. You can also reach this page using contextual links (refer to Section 4.1, “Concept: Administrative Overview”) for the menu. Note that the names and descriptions of the menus that were provided by your installation profile are shown in English on this page; see Section 2.7, “Concept: User Interface, Configuration, and Content translation” for an explanation.

    List of menus on the site with Main navigation highlighted

  2. The Edit menu page will display a list of each item in the menu you chose (Main navigation).

    List of menus items under Main navigation

  3. Use the cross bar handles to reorder the menu items. Drag the Home menu item above the About menu item so that it appears first.

    Reordered menu items with warning message about unsaved changes and the Save button

  4. Click Save.
  5. The home page now displays the main navigation with the Home menu item displayed first.

    Reordered menu items on the home page with Home first and then About

Expand your understanding

Add a menu item called Contact, leading to the /contact page, to your Main navigation menu. The contact page is provided by the core Contact module; you may want to edit its layout and fields (see Section 6.9, “Changing Content Entry Forms”).