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14.1. Connecting with the Community for Drupal 8, 9, and 10

How can you connect with the community?

The Drupal project has a world-wide community of developers and users. One of the best ways to improve your knowledge of the platform is to connect with others that are using it, and get involved in the open-source community. There are many ways that you can get started:

Attend an event
There are both regional and international Drupal events held around the world. See the "DrupalCon" page on to find international events, and the "Event Calendar" on or to find regional events.
Join a local group
There are Drupal user groups all around the world. Many of them have regular meetings, which you can attend to learn more about Drupal and connect to other Drupal users. Find local user groups on
Participate in a topical or language group
There are also interest groups for a wide range of topics, which have on-line discussion forums. Find topical groups on Many languages have their own websites too; you can find them on the "Language-specific communities" page on
Chat online
The Drupal project uses Slack and DrupalChat for on-line chatting. There are regional, topical, and general-purpose chat groups available. Find out more on the "Slack" page on and "DrupalChat" page on
Report a problem
See below.

You can contribute your time and expertise to the community in many ways, such as:

How can you report a problem or suggest a feature?

Each project within the community (such as the Drupal Core project for the base software, and projects for each contributed theme and module) uses issues to keep track of software bugs and plans for new features. You can participate by creating a bug report when you find a problem, creating a feature request, or commenting on existing issues. Search before creating an issue, to make sure that the problem or feature has not already been reported or requested. See the page "Use the issue queue" and the page "Reporting a problem" for more information.

If you find a problem that you believe is related to security, such as a cross-site scripting vulnerability, do not report it in the standard issue queue. Instead, report it to the security team. See the page "How to report a security issue" for details.